Animal Activism in Butuan City, Philippines

Lyndshir Dave C. Manpatilan

28 October 2017

My name is Dave Manpatilan, I am an Animal Activist and have a wonderful friend named Tripod.  Meet my Siberian Husky. Isn’t it a weird name? Well, there’s a story behind that so read on, it’s been quite a journey.

Tripod, as you can see, is a three-legged Husky, the missing leg is not an inborn disability but rather happened during labor when his Mother pulled him out of her womb—leg first. It looked okay at first but she didn’t notice that Tripod’s fragile limb got detached during that process.

Many would think that it’s sad that he only has three legs, and the majority would have simply euthanized him. However, I and my family did not think that way, instead, we think of him as a blessing from above, so we adopted him and gave him a place he could call home. We thought of him as a weak, sluggish and lame dog, however, once again he proved everybody wrong.

Tripod is very playful, very active, very enthusiastic and very, very, very lovable. His missing leg did not even look like it was missing because during our afternoon runs, he runs like a normal Husky would run. There are times when Tripod would stick his head in a bucket of ice on a hot sunny day. Basically, he runs and plays all day and sleeps like an angel at night

Being with Tripod for almost a year now has never been a burden to me and my family, and it made me see things differently, Tripod has made me become an Animal Activist. I see animals as beings with souls that need some lovin’ and affection. I care deeply about how people treat animals and hate the thought of animal abuse. Becoming an Animal Activist has made me more spiritually aware of everything around me.

The things I learned from having Tripod in my life is that, make the most out of what you have, live life to the fullest and your flaws, your disabilities, your complications will not hinder you to do the things in life that make you who you are. We can all learn lessons from Tripod.

Hungry Geeks Philippines Incorporated – NGO was given the opportunity to develop the website for in the USA. This wonderful group of committed Volunteers has been tending to animals needs for the last 18 years.

PAWS is an organization in the Philippines that is a good resource for pet adoptions and information.

We hope you will adopt an animal and enjoy all the love they have to give.


This 11-year-old boy in the Philippines was photographed sleeping in the streets of Quezon City, with his arms wrapped tightly around his best friend, Badji, a puppy.

If you have a touching animal story, please share it below. And, I invite you to join me in my efforts in Butuan City, Philippines. Become a Member.


  1. Jerimy

    Really nice story Dave!

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