Testimonials Testimonials Lyndshir Dave C. Manpatilan 1 January 2018 Let's watch what the Regional Director of the Department of Trade & Industry, Mr. Brielgo Pagaran & the Accountant of Hungry Geeks Philippines Incorporated, Ms. Karen Michelle Pahamtang has to say...

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Jackfruit Sandwich with Avel and Chef Nick

Chef Nicholas is a professional chef from Houston, Texas. He practices veganism and loves to create many delicious plant-based meals. In the following video he will demonstrate how to prepare a Jackfruit sandwich to an inspiring young Chef from Butuain, Philippines named Avel Podadera.

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Animal Activism in Butuan City, Philippines

ANIMAL ACTIVIST Animal Activism in Butuan City, Philippines Lyndshir Dave C. Manpatilan 28 October 2017 My name is Dave Manpatilan, I am an Animal Activist and have a wonderful friend named Tripod.  Meet my Siberian Husky. Isn't it a weird name? Well, there’s a story...

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Ask Atty. Arthur

Attorney Arthur Reyna is the founding partner of Arthur Reyna Law PLLC located in Austin, Texas. He specializes in Intellectual Property law. For almost 14 years, he served as Legislative Aide and Media Manager for State Senator Carlos Uresti where he updates and manages the Senator’s websites using Drupal, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

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Ask Dr. John

Dr. John E. Lewis is a powerhouse in the field of health and nutrition. He has co-authored more than 170 peer-reviewed articles and is a seasoned speaker – having been invited at multiple international and national conferences including TEDxMiami for his research in Alzheimer’s.

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Beyond WordPress 101

Trainings and Seminar Beyond Wordpress 101 Karen Michelle Pahamtang 22 October 2017 Hungry Geeks Philippines Incorporated, in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry Caraga Regional office, conducted a WordPress 101 training last August 26 - 28, 2017....

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