Diet and Nutrition

Processed People to Real People

Whether we like it or not, the types of food that we eat and other substances that we intake creates a ripple that affects every single cell in our bodies. These detrimental and beneficial ripples can be controlled in part by knowledge the food that we put into our system.

The advent of modern technology paved the way for the efficient processing and renovation of food and has made life more convenient right? Wrong. Some people nowadays indulge themselves with instant food without even considering how that type of food has been processed and how much nutritional value has been reduce during the process.

Although it may seem convenient to some since they’ll no longer have to prepare the food themselves, they overlook the fact that it could lessen the longevity of their life. Without the right amount of nutrition our body needs, we become more susceptible to disease that would cause both short term and long term effects.

The best way to counter the love for instant food is to educate ourselves of its effects. We need to reorient ourselves about the real foods which are the organic ones. Comparing and contrasting how fast foods differ from real organic foods that grow fresh from the farm. If you are a full time meat lover, then you should check the nutrients from organic animals that haven’t been injected by chemicals with a lot of growth hormones and compare.

We need to deconstruct the way we look at food by researching which food gives the right nutrition we need. We also have to consider going back to the basics by studying how organic food is beneficial. Fruits and vegetables are the total opposite of the instant processed food. The nutritional benefits we miss from eating processed food are what we abundantly get from the real food.

The journey to a thousand miles begins with a small step, and adjusting our diets is just as challenging. If we want to lengthen our life’s longevity, life our lives to the fullest, and becoming the better versions of ourselves, then we should consider shifting back from processed people to real people.


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