Edmundo Billones

Ed has seen firsthand how the homeless suffer in body, mind and spirit. Through Ed’s “Journey with the Homeless” he has noticed how the homeless are treated with cloaked disgust resulting in apathy.  Homelessness, poverty, hunger and malnutrition go hand-in-hand. Understanding that apathy is lethal Ed promotes awareness of the associated problems thus changing the mindset towards the homeless.

Ed’s professional background as a seasoned engineer has provided Ed with years of experience in hardware and software design, maintenance and repair, and managing a team of technical and salespeople.  Ed’s professional background gives him unique insight in using technology to help the poor and homeless.  This unique insight combine with Ed’s loving and kind spirit makes him a strong advocate for promoting change in our shared journey towards a more loving and just earth.

Residing in the Quezon City, the most populous city in the Philippines, Ed has been relentless in the pursuit of justice, fairness and providing a dignified life for the poor, the hungry and the homeless.

Some of Ed’s philanthropic endeavors include but are not limited to:

  • Working with Hair Aid: partnering with the Australian nonprofit Hair Aid, Ed has transformed unemployed homeless to become barbers and hairstylists. By teaching them how to give proper haircuts and providing them necessary equipment, Ed and Hair Aid have successfully transitioned the homeless into people helping others.
  • Working with Gawad Kalinga: Thousands of homeless people now have a home they can call their own. With Gawad Kalinga, Ed has shared his time, talent and treasures to help build homes for the homeless. Ed’s efforts have assisted with transforming the homeless from people drifting through life without desire nor purpose to becoming very productive and generous members of society.
  • Organizer of Tent of Social Innovation (“TSI”): a group that aims to uplift the lives of the homeless through social enterprise.
  • Mission volunteer for Charismaria Missionaries: a faith based group whose main mission is to deliver assistance in areas unreachable by parish services.
  • Learn, Earn, Grow, Share (“LEGS”): A program developed by Hungry Geeks Philippines Incorporated – NGO who’s Members have come together to improve the quality of life through the use of technology. Currently Ed is distributing Face Masks made by stuck-at- home-Moms to the homeless. 
  • Ed also records his interactions and stories with the poor and homeless through Journey with the Homeless. Many anonymous donors and generous people have given important resources to the homeless which Ed chronicles in the hopes of getting more eyes to see a part of society a lot of people unconsciously overlook and simply ignore.

Hungry Geeks Philippines Incorporated – NGO is proud and honored to have Ed serve as an Advisory Board Member in charge of our activates regarding support for the homeless. Collaborating with Hungry Geeks will help the poor and homeless gain the dignified lives which everyone is meant to live and enjoy.


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