Free Face Mask Giveaway

Sadly many Masks have jumped to unreasonable prices making it difficult for the poor to protect themselves. Science has shown not wearing a Mask could endanger not just the local community, but also your family, loved ones and the whole world.

Finding a reliable and affordable supply of Masks and other protective gear becomes harder each day in the new normal. Also, quality assurance sometimes takes a backseat, since some businesses may prioritize quantity over quality.

Most importantly we are procuring a reliable and affordable supply of superior-made Masks to the entire community. Everyone benefits from better Masks for their protection at an affordable price.

Our premium Masks are washable, reusable and biodegradable. They are also safe for our environment.

In response to the need for Face Masks during this Corona pandemic Hungry Geeks through its L.E.G.S. (Learn, Earn, Grow, Share) program is supporting a Face Mask project providing stay at home Moms and Grandmothers with a sewing machine and fabric. 

Every Mask is handmade with love; it is our mission to make the best Face Masks at the lowest possible price. From the loving hands that are sewing the Masks to wholesalers and retailers earning a reasonable profit – we put people over profits.

Lastly, every Mask you buy supports Hungry Geeks Philippines Incorporated – NGO, a nonprofit helping people live dignified lives. From projects like our promotion of the FreeRice game and our L.E.G.S. program, Hungry Geeks feeds the hunger of people, in mind, body and spirit. Your purchase not only helps the poor feed their families but it also provides dignified work-from-home opportunities.

Thank you for your support. Please stay safe!

Christain Brillo, Chairman
Hungry Geeks Philippines Incorporated – NGO



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