Jim Cabalona

Jim Cabalona is an experienced Computer Programmer with over 9 years in the field of Computer Science. Started from learning console output generated programs such as Turbo C and Pascal to the more complicated Object – Oriented programming using Visual Basic to web static and dynamic programming using PHP and JavaScript.

For Databases Jim started with Clipper and then elevating to Microsoft Access which was used in connection with desktop programming. Today Jim’s focus is Microsoft SQL and MySQL.

Jim started his career as a Visual Basic programmer in a private firm in Olongapo way back on 2005 and then started teaching in private institutions as an I.T. Instructor.  He also is a Certified Assessor of Programming NC IV in TESDA RVIII.

Jim is a proud Member of ph.hungrygeeks.org and is a testimony to its Mission statement. Jim has been an active contributing Member who assists others by “paying it forward”. Jim’s has expanded his knowledge to include CDR reports and graphs, WordPress and plugins, Android application development and Google Map programming.

Jim believes “the horizon is endless and full of opportunities and the only way to get there is – find solutions, never say No, never give up, just keep making mistakes and learning from them.”

Jim is a Father of three Sons (Tristan, Destin, Adrian) and his Wife Gladys and is expecting. Born and raised in Tacloban City, Philippines, Jim and his family are Survivors of Typhoon Yolanda. Jim is coordinating efforts in Tacloban City to provide local Internet access to support an online workforce of Hungry Geeks.

Softwares Used :

1. Microsoft OS XP/7/8

2. Turbo C

3. Turbo Pascal

4. Microsoft Office

5. Visual Basic

6. Microsoft Access

7. MS Sql

8. Crystal Reports 7/8/9

9. Dreamweaver / HTML

10. MySql

11. Php / Apache / Wamp

12. Jquery / Javascript

13. AppInventor

14. Aptana Studio 3

“Dont be afraid to make mistakes. We learn from them and it makes us a better person. But if you always make the same mistake that makes you stupid.”


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