Marvin Stadeli

A Hungry Geek’s computer is their life blood; they must have their computer to make a living. Unfortunately, Haiyan or Yolanda, the strongest Super Typhoon in world history that struck Tacloban City on November 8-9, 2013, took away everything. There was no time to think about computers while being battered by strong winds, rain and storm surge, you simply run to try and take care of your wife, or your son and daughter, or your parents to save them from drowning or being blown away by the wind with a record speed of 235 miles per hour. Before Yolanda struck, weather forecasters said storm surge might occur but they missed to say the real thing. It was Tsunami that came.

That is exactly what happened with the Members of the’s team then residing in Tacloban City and nearby towns located near the eastern shore of Leyte province. For those that could even find their computers after the Typhoon/Tsunami all the circuitry of their computer was rendered useless by water from the rain, winds and tsunami. Electricity in the whole province was cut off. When the power was finally restored it was for street lights only. For those structures left standing the power systems had to be inspected inch by inch to ensure against fire hazards. As of March 26th, 2014, only a few areas have had power restored.

Marvin Stadeli thousands of miles away from Tacloban, residing in Oregon, USA, demonstrated loving concern for Victims of Super Typhoon in the Visayas. Mr, Stadeli’s personal concern regarding the fate of the HungryGeeks’ team inspired him to take action.

Without any ado, Mr. Stadeli shipped computers and other supplies to core Members of the HungryGeeks’ team. Currently Mr. Stadeli is part of an investigative team assisting to deploy TVWS to provide Internet access to areas in Tacloban. Anybody within reach of the signal can gain Internet access.

We are very appreciative that Mr. Stadeli helped us pick up our lives and brave the future. Jim Cabalona said it well in a Thank You email to Mr. Stadeli and Mr. Wiseheart, ”These packages contain things that will not only help me with my current condition but it also means a new start of my life with hope. I am very thankful to God that he sent both you and Mr. Wiseheart to help me and my family overcome this calamity. I will treasure this kindness for the rest of my life“.

From the entire’s team, we would like to introduce you to our friend Mr. Marvin Stadli.

From his youth on a farm to becoming a successful businessman, Marvin Stadeli has led a challenging life, but every moment of it has been a joy. With one of the companies that he founded recently selling to a global bank concern, Marvin now introduces a brand new concept in social networking to the entrepreneurial world!

Being the oldest of 11 children raised on American farmland in Silverton, Oregon has its advantages! Hard work, honesty, and integrity were learned at an early age from working on the farm and in the family business to create a foundation for life. He brings all of these with him as a businessman with high values and uncompromising tenets. The journey has been a long one filled with hard knocks and hard-won battles, yet all have been a blessing in many ways…

Having served two years as a Physician’s Assistant in a Korean field hospital during the Vietnam era, he had up-close-and-personal knowledge of the body’s response under stress and in trauma. The experience would come to serve him well not too many years later.

Leaving the military in 1970, Marvin’s life as an entrepreneur began. He worked in the family business with well systems and heavy construction, employing up to 250 people.

Thirteen years later, while simultaneously owning and operating a mining fabrication firm and a sand and gravel company, Marvin launched into his first networking business and began learning about the dos and don’ts of the industry. While exploring different multi-level marketing concerns, his passion for helping people led him to find a home in the world of health and nutrition. His entrepreneurial vision concurrently led him on a unique parallel track of developing digital systems to ensure that network marketers were paid in a timely and efficient manner.

This vision gave birth to uncharted territory in a new use of debit cards which eventually became the very popular “stored value cards” (SVC) used globally today. The next logical step in this endeavor for Marvin was to become the founder of a Houston company called FSV Payment Systems, where he was the Manager-Director until 2007. FSV Payment Systems was acquired by US Bank in 2012. Marvin continues to work as a consultant in this area, as well as to network marketing companies in their compensation plans and product needs.

Through it all, Marvin has accrued vast experience in both entrepreneurialism and business, however, his love for health and nutrition has spanned the last three decades. His desire to help people has transcended it all and diligently maintained one goal: to help individuals get their bodies back on the right health track through the most exceptional nutritional products on the market today.

In 2010, Marvin was appointed to the Advisory Board of RBC Life. As a Board member, he has been instrumental in developing stem cell nutrition seminars to educate the general public on Stem-Kine, a proprietary product being called “the discovery of the century.” RBC Life Sciences, a publicly traded company under the symbol RBCL, owns the exclusive proprietary global rights to Stem-Kine.

Two years later, he developed the website, featuring Dr. Neil Riordan’s work with others on stem cell nutrition. This go-to resource explains how Stem-Kine nourishes the bone marrow to increase its own adult circulating stem cells with no need to resort to current expensive alternatives.

In 2013, Marvin began a venture called, which is poised to change the concept of networking forever. He knows from personal experience what doesn’t work…and what does! Through his novel idea to provide a management service that utilizes a medical and marketing team in the Philippines, these Personal Virtual Assistants (PVAs) offer support in all aspects to create activity on your team without you lifting a finger!


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