Ongoing Projects

Hungry Geeks are always busy looking for ways to expand our mission and improve the lives of those in our communities.
We want you to get involved with one or more of these projects we are currently working on, so check out the categories below and learn more about what we’re up to. Plug in with where you feel you’d be able to contribute and enjoy yourself the most.

Diet and Nutrition

Processed People to Real People Whether we like it or not, the types of food that we eat and other substances that we intake creates a ripple that affects every single cell in our bodies. These detrimental and beneficial ripples can be controlled in part by knowledge...

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Training and Seminars

Hungry Geeks is spreading out its LEGS program. LEARN is the first step to further Hungry Geeks' mission to improve lives through technology.  Previous Hungry Geeks' trainees will conduct training sessions and seminars to passionate and eager individuals as a...

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Modern Farming

Farming and food security will become an ever growing  problem that we will all face. Modern farming allows us to grow our food safer, greener and save 95% less water. Modern farming know-how should be a birthright for every Filipinos, however, only a few actually...

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