This project was born from the heart of Randy Mindt (Founder of Summit Life Ministries), while witnessing the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda from a hospital bed. Having worked specifically in the impact areas of Region 8 for the past 10 years, he also had to move into action just as the Team had done.

Knowing this tragedy not only took away people’s lives , their homes but changed the course of how many earned a living to supply daily needs for their families.

Thousands of fisherman lost their ability to do what they know how to and what they were born, raised to do, to fish; leaving them in despair. Replacing a deep sea fishing boat for them is an insurmountable task, with life’s dreams and hopes dashed by the torrent of Yolanda’s fury. Literally thousands of boats were lost.

Our project is straight forward to create fishing boats to assist areas with the beginnings of a new future. This project has a new twist in that we will be improving the catch of each boat by a minimum of 30% with the use of new technology for them. We will leave each crew with a minimum 10% increase in revenue , while they agree to give 20% of their weekly catch to help in feeding targeted areas of families that are still struggling with their nutritional requirements. Thus becoming an integral partner in feeding their own friends and neighbors in need. Each boat will feed a minimum of 1,500 people a month. Out joint goal is to impact communities, a region and a nation with a premise of “I Can Be One”, all of us doing something. will assist with oversight, accounting and Content documentation.

Each boat is 28ft. including gear, nets, motor and high tech gear. The cost is $3,000.00usd . The current build time is 20 days, start to finish . Our initial 5 man crew are waiting to start feeding those who can not help themselves.

Mr. Randy Mindt said “the strategic alliance with has not only been an invaluable resource of like purposes, they have opened up their vast expertise in areas to help improve the ongoing working relationships within the communities. We joined together on this project understanding an important aspect that is a unique quality that we can do nothing by ourselves, we work better in concert with one another”. Mr. Christian Brillo said “The Team’s heart as well Randy Mindts of Summit Life exemplifies how we can impact a nation not just for a moment in time , but for a lifetime”.

We need your support to come alongside us and provide financial assistance for building boats. You will be able to watch the entire process from construction to catch to distribution at


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